No matter the scientific discipline, at least one of these resources covers it. The ScienceBlogs offerings should be bookmarked on every STEM educator’s browser.

Wired Science Blogs
The super popular Wired magazine hosts several different science-related blogs covering a diverse array of fields, like geology and biology.

Follow all the latest science news and views here, with plenty of amazing lesson supplements available: perfect for teachers requiring current event articles, too!

Notes & Theories
The Guardian hosts a fabulous group blog completely devoted to relaying and exploring recent scientific discoveries, research, opinions and more.

The Science Photo of the Day
Venerable Happy Scientist Robert Krampf posts a new picture every day and challenges visitors to answer the posed questions. Be sure to check out the rest of the site as well; it bursts with seriously cool science lessons and supplements for all ages.

Join a freelance chemist and decorated science writer for updated, informed commentary on exciting research and findings.

Bad Science
All of Ben Goldacre’s "Bad Science" columns - which focus on tearing apart hackery and hoaxes - end up archived here, accompanied by forums, video, audio and a shop as well.

New Scientist Blogs
Considering these blogs cover both science and technology, STEM educators have plenty to appreciate and discover here.

Blogs and Communities at Science Mag
Four different resources cover science careers, policies, news and meetings as well as the latest Darwinian controversies.

Oxford Science Blog
Oxford University, the world-famous intellectual innovator, shares its own fascinating projects and hosts discussions of exciting science news.

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